Friday, 2 November 2012

Song of the week: "Attack of the Hadedas (Fear)" by Spoonfeedas (UPDATED)

Yesterday I woke up in the middle of the night, turned on the television, and found this:

The moment I heard "Damn birds" I knew it would be an Alfred Hitchcock's The Birds thing, and I kind of fell in love.

If you've ever seen the film, you'll notice how uncannily accurate the low-tech special effects in the music video are. Also, notice how you get the feeling that the band really likes films like The Birds? Well done to them for poking fun at something in such a good-natured way.

Of course, Mr. Hitchcock had a pretty decent sense of humor himself:

You're welcome. Back to business:

I realize that this is more a Music Video of the Week than a Song of the Week. Of course, I like the song, too. But the music video kicks ass. And I get the feeling that the band knows how insanely awesome their video is. Notice how the music sounds more like a soundtrack in some places, and you can still hear the car door close and the cellphone and such. It's like they looked at their music video and went, "This is awesome. This is REALLY awesome. WE ARE AWESOME. In fact, we're going to have the song play in the background because we're so awesome that we don't even need to sell people on how awesome we are. Our awesomeness sells itself." 

And it did, Spoonfeedas. It did. 

*Here's a link to their website.

UPDATE:  So last night Peter Guthrie of Spoonfeedas (the blonde guy in the video) spoke to me on Facebook. He thanked me for the review and offered to send me free songs and generally exhibited supreme awesomeness. I offered my help in rallying the troops to show support for Attack of the Hadedas, so if y'all want to help out, here's what you can do:

-Email a guy called Stephan. But not, like, any random Stephan. A specific one. Namely Stephan Potgieter. He's from a television station called MK. Just tell him how much you dig the video. Maybe if he gets enough emails they'll play it more. Here's the address:

-Go 'like' their tragically ill-populated Facebook page :
If you do that, say hi, and tell them Misha introduced you to them, just so they know I keep my promises and always deliver the goods (I'm like a one-person mob).

So go forth and be awesome, minions. Go forth and be awesome.


  1. Your blog is awesome. I read your stories on wattpad, and that's how I came across it. Thanks for making me laugh every time you post.

  2. Misha I really liked this song and music video but I cant get access to the facebook page to tell them how awesome they are and share them with my friends