Friday, 24 May 2013

I'm back, bitches.

I know I've been gone for a long time. If you're here because you know me from wattpad (which is probably the case) you know that sometimes I take unexplained breaks from the internet because life happens. So as a virtual friend I'm pretty unreliable. But, like my real life friends are forced to do, y'all stick with me anyway because sometimes I'm accidentally entertaining.

Here's a run-down of some of the things that happened since I last blogged:

-I finally got a laptop that works properly, which is why I'm talking to you right now (blogging at you? I don't know. Cyberspace is confusing.)

- I turned 21. This is cool, 'cause I can now legally get drunk in all the countries that matter, but it also caused an extended moment of "holy-shit-I'm-not-mature-enough-to-be-21" panic, which led to me trying to avoid my birthday by refusing to acknowledge it.

My mother supported me and we spent a lot of the day making cake. Here's my mother's:

Even though I've never decorated a cake before, I foolishly attempted to do a book-cake. Thankfully it turned out okay:

That's the book I modeled it on at the back. I had never touched fondant before, but I discovered that it's much easier to work with than the internet would have you believe. You just have to cover yourself and your entire kitchen in powdered sugar so it doesn't stick to anything.

See? I really did spend most of my birthday in my pajamas. But mostly because I'm too badass to do anything else. I don't have to go out to find fun. Fun finds me.

-I finished my first semester studying Languages and Literature with four distinctions and one I-don't-even-fucking-know-what-happened (in Communication). So first year university? Also not quite as hard as the internet (and everyone else) would have you believe. At least not so far.

-I drew enough of Brigitte Bardot's hair to last me a lifetime.

Seriously though. Nobody has that much hair.

- My love for tumblr grew exponentially. Here's my tumblog. I only reblog cool stuff, I promise (although my definition of cool probably isn't the same as yours. Or anyone else's.)

-I realized that the porch where I write/read/smoke/drink coffee/basically do everything looks like a fairy cave, and now, instead of telling people I'm going to the porch, I mysteriously tell company that they can "find me in the grotto".

 -I went to my first carnival.

-I wrote an exam while a riot was proceeding outside the venue (although I wasn't technically aware of it and by the time I got outside everyone was gone. Except my mother, who was scared shitless and hanging out with the security guards. I did smell the teargas, though, so I wasn't completely oblivious. I might write a proper post about it later.)

-I read a lot.

-I watched a lot of films.

-I studied. I studied FOREVER.

-My mother climbed Lion's Head on Doomsday with a tarantula on her head.

- I discovered the His Dark Materials series by Philip Pullman. I'm currently busy with the second book and HOLY SHIT it's good. Seriously. I'll probably do a real post about it when I'm finished with the whole series.

That's all I can think about right now, and I've got a book to read so I'm not gonna hang around here forever. I'll totally be blogging more often from now on, though, so keep checking in.

Stay strange!